Dear Someone Who Decided to Stop Drinking: a helpful post from Lisa McColgan

I was asked earlier this week if I had any posts I could recommend to someone struggling with treatment for alcohol addiction. My first thought was my poem, “So You Want to Quit Drinking.” My second thought was a post I’d seen shortly after I began blogging: “Dear Someone Who Decided to Stop Drinking.” I looked up that post–from October 2012!?!–and it’s still as relevant today as it was then. It deserves to be seen, especially by those who are new or struggling. With Lisa McColgan’s permission, I share it again with you today below.

Lisa cautioned later that she often writes about stuff other than sobriety, and I guess I’ve followed in her footsteps…we may write about life, but sobriety is a part of our lives. If we can help others along the way, then we are happy to do so.

From Lisa’s post:

“You’ll learn about being in the moment. When you are sad, you won’t drink to make yourself feel better. When you are happy, you won’t drink to make yourself happier. You’ll come to understand that “this too shall pass” goes BOTH ways, and to therefore feel your feelings…”

Click on the photo below to read Lisa’s fabulous post. Thanks again, Lisa, for letting me share! -Christy

I was going to “reblog” her post again, but apparently you can only do that once. So I’ll just grab a small screenshot and ask you to click on that photo to read more. 

Click anywhere on the photo or right HERE to read more
Click anywhere on the photo or right HERE to read more

If you have read any posts that you think would be helpful to those getting sober, feel free to add their links in the comments below. But before you do that, go read Lisa’s post first

* Edited to add: This one–“To Megan”–by Lisa is pretty powerful too. If you’re struggling, please read it.

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