I Want You, I Need You, I Gotta Have You! (reblog)

It’s hard to ask for help. But our brave, sweet and beautiful Michelle (MamaMickTerry) is doing just that. Read her post to find out how you can help her out. Don’t worry…she’s not asking for money or an organ donation, she just wants you to write for her. You may even have fun and meet some new people too. She’s so sweet and supportive to everyone…let’s repay her kindness!

I hope everyone is happy, healthy and enjoying the beginning of Autumn (or Spring, if you are down under). I’m on hiatus here, but wanted to pop out of my cave to say hello and to share Michelle’s post. Until next time… Love, Christy

Lipstick and Laundry

I don’t remember the date or season, but I remember the feeling.

Elation. Thrill. Anticipation.

I was going to boxing class when my phone dinged with a Twitter message from my new-ish blogger buddy, Christy.

She had an idea and wanted me to be part of it. She’d tested the waters earlier that year at Words for the Weekend and trusted me enough to take things a step further. We traded phone numbers and then she offered me an opportunity to write for her – a series on bravery.  Me! *Gulp. Why me?

Anxiety. Angst. Worry.

After she had talked me off the ledge, we produced a set of stories for her readers that I still treasure. If she hadn’t given me such a safe, and open platform, I would never have spread my wings (got brave!) or met some of my closest friends as a result. A person never…

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