Goodbye Sandy

Courtney is a new find for me…actually she found me! (Mishedup is a mutual friend)…but now You can find Her. Her posts are often humorous and light-hearted and fun, but sometimes she goes deep and hits you right in the gut. And when she does? Oooph.

In “Goodbye Sandy” Courtney offers up a powerful goodbye to a friend and gives us a graphic look at addiction–as Godzilla–and us as mere little ants.

She writes, “The best way I can illustrate this is comparing addiction to Godzilla. The addict is a little, teeny, tiny ant. Godzilla is ginormous and breathes fire. And here’s the worst part – nothing, and I mean nothing, feels as good as hanging out with Godzilla.

‘When Godzilla and the addict hook up, it’s limos and glamour and excitement all the way. We feel like we’re in heaven, but when we want to go home, when we get tired, Godzilla says “Oh hell no, little ant, we’ve only just begun.”

Check out her blog and hit the follow button. I think you’ll be really glad you did so.

Love, Christy

Court Rundell

I met Sandy toward the end of 7th grade at the graffiti wall where all the smokers hung out. She had porcelain skin, dyed hair, tiny feet and balls of steel.

You guys get to meet her next week. You’re welcome.

We were best friends for 10 years. Our addictions brought us together and then tore us apart. I watched the sparkle in her eyes fade as her parents divorced, she gave her daughter up for adoption and her father died. Yes, she was not the only person on the planet to suffer loss, but it was simply too much for her.

Sandy struggled with drug addiction her entire life. She used meth daily until she lost all of her teeth. Then she quit meth. Unfortunately, she switched to abusing prescription medications and those eventually killed her.

She was only 43-years-old when she died.

I write this blog because I think my misadventures drinking…

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13 thoughts on “Goodbye Sandy

    1. You’re so welcome, it was mega-powerful. I hope those that need it most get to read it.

      I struggled a lot with the whole “powerless” thing at the beginning….as we ALL do, right? It later helped me to picture alcohol as I do Mike Tyson. I know if I ever step in the ring against Mike I am toast. He would squash me like a bug…just like Godzilla.

      But as long as I stay out of the freaking ring, then my powerlessness is not an issue. And those days when I forget that I’m not Mike Tyson strong? My HP and my friends and my past help remind me of my weakness.

      And in my weakness, I am made strong.

      Lots of love to you! Happy hearts are the bestest. ❤️

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  1. Love to read what you write. I can absolutely relate. I wish I could run, that’s something I always wished I could do. I too have a blog I started with my sobriety and life. Feel free to follow!


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